Owning your own home is often the biggest challenge in becoming self-sufficient. It’s also one of the most rewarding.

One of RRHA’s goals is to help low to moderate-income families achieve the dream of homeownership. RRHA homeownership programs are available to anyone that qualifies. RRHA can help current and future public housing residents, families that have a housing choice voucher, and any resident or family that meets the income requirements and is a first-time homebuyer (defined by HUD as not having owned a home within the last three years).

RRHA can help determine if you’re a qualified home buyer and RRHA will walk with you through each step of the way on your path to becoming a homeowner. In order to participate in any of RRHA’s homeownership programs, you must be able to qualify for a mortgage to finance the purchase. RRHA does not finance any loans but will help subsidize the cost of the home to make it as affordable as possible. For potential buyers that have poor credit RRHA will refer them to partner agencies that can help with credit counseling and household budgeting.


RRHA's homeownership programs are:

  • Lease/Purchase Homeownership– qualified applicants must be able to obtain a mortgage loan within three years after moving into the home.
  • HCV Homeownership– applicants must have a current Section 8 housing choice voucher.
  • Section 32– RRHA currently has three properties for sale to qualified buyers.
  • Homeownership Opportunities Program – RRHA staff may be able to help qualified buyers find other properties within the City of Roanoke.
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