Jobs-Plus Program

Our Purpose

The purpose of the City of Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority Jobs-Plus program is to develop locally-based, job-driven approaches to increase earnings and advance employment outcomes, through work readiness, employer connections, job placement, educational advancement technology skills, and financial literacy for residents at Jamestown Place and Indian Rock Village.

How it Works

The City of Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority Jobs-Plus program addresses employment needs among public housing residents by incentivizing and enabling employment through income disregards for working families and services designed to support job readiness and retention.

Increase Job Readiness

Jobs-Plus will work one-on-one with members to guide them through the employment process and help members develop skills that will advance their current employment or achieve other employment related goals. Through Jobs-Plus, members will connect with supportive services such as transportation, child care, health and mental health and other services that support continued employment.

Jobs-Plus offers wonderful opportunities for training and development. With employment training, members gain skills and become first class employees. Jobs-Plus moves you from job seeker to job finder!

Training and educational opportunities are available for many different occupations, here are just a few: CDL training, food services, welding, machining, healthcare, and many more!

Rent Incentives

If a Jobs-Plus member encourages another household to enroll in the program and anyone in the household whose name is on the lease starts working within six months after program completion, the referring participant will receive a $25 dollar rent credit.

In addition, while participating in the Jobs-Plus program, members are eligible to not have their rent increased due to an increase in earned income.

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