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RRHA owns & operates approximately 1,276 units of public housing

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Providing rental housing and building economic homeownership opportunities

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Moving Foreword together with RRHA

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RRHA currently owns and manages approximately 1,282 units of public housing and administers approximately 2,067 units of Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers. RRHA also owns and operates 24 units of housing that are supported with Section 8 vouchers.  In addition, RRHA manages 119 units of rental housing that are part of the Low Income Housing Tax Credits program.

Community development activities range from residential to commercial to industrial and include both redevelopment (including clearance and new construction) and conservation (focusing on preservation of existing structures). RRHA has participated as an active partner helping to remove blighted areas and spur economic growth throughout the Roanoke area.