RRHA Properties Available for Sale

RRHA has the following properties available:

Cherry Hill, Northwest Roanoke–Part of the Gainsboro Redevelopment Plan, Cherry Hill is bound by 5th Street, NW to the west, the Gainsboro YMCA to the east, Orange Avenue, NW, to the north and Cherry Avenue, NW to the south. RRHA owns 77 parcels within this area comprising over 8 acres. RRHA will entertain any proposal to add quality affordable housing to the City.

2503 and 2515 Shenandoah Avenue, NW

These lots are vacant. RRHA will consider any offer for them individually, or all of them together.

Please contact Frederick Gusler at fgusler@rkehousing.org or call (540)-983-9260 for more information.