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The Department of Social Services will begin accepting applications for the Summer Cooling Assistance program from June 15th through August 15th. Residents are invited to apply in person at the EnVision Center, located at 2607 Salem Turnpike NW, Roanoke, on Monday, June 17th from 8:30 AM-5:00 PM. Our partner organization will be
on-site to assist with the application process. Click here to learn more.


NSPIRE Training Coming Soon – Click HERE to learn more.

Per City Ordinance 42380 all visitors to all RRHA offices (including Central Office and RRHA developments) are prohibited to carry firearms. RRHA would like to thank Mayor Lea and Roanoke City Council for contributing to the safety of our residents, employees, and visitors of RRHA. 

View our 2023 Annual Plan Draft and 2023 Capital Fund Program Five Year Action Plan.


Welcome to the website for the City of Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority

We are located in the beautiful city of Roanoke in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest, Virginia.

Here at RRHA, we are dedicated to providing quality, affordable housing for the families and communities we serve.

However, RRHA is more than a housing agency. We create and provide programs and opportunities for residents to succeed in life. Whether it is by helping someone find a new job or helping someone through the process of buying his or her first home. Whatever stage of life you find yourself in, we are here to help. The path to self-sufficiency is near… and possible.

RRHA plays a key role in enhancing the community through both residential and commercial redevelopment activities. RRHA owns important parcels of land in the downtown Roanoke area and works with Roanoke City, area businesses and homeowners to facilitate business and residential opportunities.

We hope you will find this website useful in your quest to know about the City of Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority.


Decent, affordable housing is important to all families. Housing fulfills the need for shelter, but it also contributes to the wellbeing of both parents and children in our community. It is our continued goal to ensure there is sufficient rental and homeowner housing stock to meet the diverse needs of all families in the community.

RRHA provides a beneficial mix of housing options. These affordable rental housing options include single-family homes, duplexes, as well as developments for seniors, which ensures opportunities for all individuals to improve their economic situation and contribute to their communities.



Many in our community often struggled with some of life’s toughest challenges. High housing costs, job loss, illness, trauma, and isolation are just some of the barriers facing residents in our community as they work to create a stable life. It’s also about supporting families as they strive to reach their potential. The RRHA Resident Services Team is here to support your journey.

RRHA’s continued mission is to enhance the lives of our residents through community-based problem solving and neighborhood-oriented strategies. It is also our mission to promote self-reliance and self-sufficiency. The RRHA Leadership Team provides community-based social services and human development programs to enhance lives of our residents. These services provide the economic stability, health, and wellbeing of our Housing Authority residents and their families.



Since its inception, the City of Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority has played a significant role in redevelopment and revitalization efforts in the City of Roanoke. RRHA has many residential redevelopment projects with partner agencies to promote neighborhood revitalization and economic development. These projects provide a multitude of housing options for low to moderate-income persons while providing a wide variety of neighborhood revitalization efforts that increase property values, promote homeownership opportunities, and encourage diversity in neighborhoods.

Making our community safe, livable, and clean is the overarching vision that guides all planning efforts at RRHA. Our continued planning encourages progressive land use decisions, consistently working to improve our community through RRHA ongoing development plan.


RRHA Strategic Plan 2020 - 2024

Strategies: A summary of the strategies developed by the team follows, grouped by their balanced scorecard category:

Customer Perspective 

1.) Improve our current housing portfolio and take opportunities to expand our housing portfolio when they become available through management and ownership opportunities that best meet the needs of our customers. 

2.) Improve staff cultural competencies, understanding our audience, training opportunities, improved communication and team development, and customer service skills. 

3.) Expand and enhance community partnerships and programs to provide essential services to promote resident self-sufficiency. 

Financial Perspective 

4.) Identify additional revenue streams. 

5.) Improve operational efficiency. 

Internal Processes 

6.) Develop more flexibility in operations, simplify processes wherever possible through enhanced communication tools and technology. 

Staff Learning and Growth 

7.) Improve staff retention and employee satisfaction.