Applying for Section 3 as a Business

What is a Section 3 Business Concern?

  • It is at least 51 percent owned and controlled by low- or very low-income persons.  
  • Over 75 percent of the labor hours performed for the business over the prior three-month period are performed by Section 3 workers.  
  • It is a business at least 51 percent owned and controlled by current public housing residents or residents who currently live in Section 8-assisted housing. 

Benefits of Self-Certifying as a Section 3 Business Concern

  • Preference* when bidding on HUD covered contracts  
  • Free access to applicant database  
  • Assistance in recruiting qualified candidates and advertising for various employment and/or training opportunities when they become available
  • Section 3-eligible businesses can self-certify and join the Section 3 national registry at where public housing authorities and other government agencies can assist with obtaining HUD-funded contracts and connect job seekers with potential employers. 

*Terms and Conditions apply. 

Self-certify with HUD and add your business to the national registry at:

For more information or questions about the Section 3 Program please contact Stephanie Wanza Section 3 Coordinator at or 540-983-9262