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Resident Leadership Opportunities

Resident Training

Residents regularly participate in training to enhance their leadership skills and thereby strengthen their communities. Some of the resident training opportunities available include educational classes, drug abuse prevention forums, banking and financial services workshops, fiber optics and data cabling training, childcare certification and parenting workshops.

Resident Councils and Training for Council Members

HUD promotes resident participation and the active involvement of residents in all aspects of a housing authority's mission and operation. Residents have a right to organize and elect a resident council to represent their interests. When the proper procedures are followed, RRHA recognizes the duly elected resident council. HUD encourages housing authorities and residents to work together to determine appropriate ways to foster constructive relationships, particularly through resident councils. Each duly elected resident council receives individual and group training along with the opportunity to attend seminars and conferences throughout the United States. This training allows residents to network with other public housing residents and RRHA staff members to build new relationships and gain powerful insights on ways to improve their neighborhoods.

For information, please contact the Resident Council Liaison (540) 797-3968 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..