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Community Partner Referrals

Community Partner Agencies:  Click here to refer your applicant to the waitlist for special programs.

NOTE:  The HCV waitlist is currently only accepting applications for specialized programs by referral from our community partners. If you apply and we do not have a corresponding access code that identifies the referring community partner your application will be withdrawn.

HCV Administrative Plan

The HCV Administrative Plan contains RRHA's policies for administering the Housing Choice Voucher Program.   

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Section 8

The Housing Choice Voucher Section 8 Program application process is currently closed. At this time we do not have an estimated timeframe for reopening the application process.

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Landlord Information

New Landlord Portal

Please register and begin using the NEW online portal for all Section 8 Landlords, once you receive RRHA's informational letter. This letter will provide you with your registration code and the email RRHA has on file for you. You can access the NEW portal by clicking on the link below. 

NEW - Landlord Portal Introduction Letter

NEW - Landlord Portal

RRHA Partner Portal - Landlords

RRHA Partner Portal Landlord User Guide

Landlord Portal Introduction Letter

Section 8 Staff Contact Information


Advertise Your Rental for Free

Blue3x copyThe City of Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) is proud to introduce, a FREE housing listing and locator to help tenants find housing and landlords fill vacancies in Virginia.

Effective immediately, RRHA will now use to refer Housing Choice Voucher holders to your available units and will no longer use gives voucher holders 24/7 online access to listings, and searchers can call a toll-free, bilingual call center for live assistance 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. each weekday.

Landlords can register for free (online or by toll-free phone) to enjoy the following benefits and more:

  • Unlimited free listings with no hidden fees: add and update online or with a quick, toll-free phone call.
  • Post photos and details about bed/bath, location, rent, utilities, amenities, accessibility features, eligibility requirements and more.
  • Remove listings from public view immediately when rented. Re-list with a few mouseclicks.

Click on the link below to register for free (or cut & paste the link into your browser) OR register by phone (toll free) at 1-866-466-7328.

OR complete the Property Listing form and fax it to 1-561-416-9841. Click here to download form.

Please feel free to call 1-866-466-7328 (M-F, 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.) with questions or for assistance with listing properties. Thank you for your participation in this valuable service.

Section 8 Homeownership Opportunities

RRHA offers homeownership opportunities through the HUD approved Section 8 Homeownership Program. This program allows families who are currently receiving housing assistance under the Section 8 program to convert that assistance into a one-time down payment or monthly payments to assist with a mortgage that will allow them to purchase a home.

Section 8 Homeownership Program

The Section 8 Homeownership Program allows a family to purchase a home for approximately the same amount of rent that is currently being paid to a landlord. Once a mortgage company approves a borrower's application, the Section 8 voucher payment is applied to the mortgage payment rather than a rent payment.

Section 8 Homeownership Program Qualifications

  • Be a current holder of a Section 8 Voucher
  • Have an income of $18,000.00
  • Have steady full time employment for no less than 12 months
  • Be a first time homebuyer
  • Be in compliance with the current lease (not owing landlord any money, no tenant violations)
  • Have 1% down payment saved and in the bank
  • Not have high existing debt which would prevent obtaining a mortgage
  • Elderly and disabled have separate requirements

To request a homeownership application contact RRHA at (540) 983-9218 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..