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Lease/Purchase Homeownership

The purpose of this program is to provide homeownership opportunities for low to moderate income families residing in RRHA Public Housing and Section 8 programs. The applicant must meet selected criteria such as income and buyer background qualifications. Roanoke Redevelopment and Housing Authority will determine qualified home buyers, provide pre- homeownership counseling and provide home maintenance training. RRHA will walk with you through each step of the way on your path to becoming a homeowner.

Those eligible potential home buyers will be assisted with helping to prepare them for the purchase of their first home. Topics covered include bank credit requirements, credit report issues, employment stability, debt load and debt reduction, and how to use a tax return to further the goal of homeownership.

Lease/Purchase Qualifications

      • Minimum income of $18,000.00
      • Good rental history
      • Acceptable credit report
      • Ability to purchase the home within three years.

The following properties are available in the Lease/Purchase Program.

                • 1207 Melrose Ave., NW
                • 1219 Melrose Ave., NW
                • 1924 Melrose Ave., NW
                • 1203 Melrose Ave., NW
                • 1809 Downing St., NW
                • 505 21st St., NW
                • 2008 Melrose Ave., NW
                • 1720 Dupree St., NW